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Profitable Reasons to Develop a Big Opt in List

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I often pick up a new tip now and then from the really great Internet marketers and give it a try. I’ll tell honestly that most of the information on the web about list building is conjecture. If you want the best way to build a solid list overnight, you have to find someone with a massive list and get them to promote your product. That is by far the best way to quickly build a massive list quickly. If you can’t get that done you’ll have to take a look at some of my other articles on list building. I’m going to give you eight reasons why you should build a big list today.

So what would you consider a big list? For a majority of experienced Internet marketers, a list that is over 10,000 is a big list. For Internet spammers a big list is anything over a million. The difference between the opt-in list and the spam list is profit mate oto the difference between night and day. A person getting an email from you should be able to feel good opening it up. Once they read the material they should trust you enough to take action on the message you sent them. A big list in my book is any opt-in list that has over 20,000 valid names and email addresses of people with an interest in your subject or market.

The Barack Obama campaign managers learned from previous presidential campaigns how to use the cumulative power of the Internet. They utilized a wide variety of marketing techniques to bring their subscription list up to almost 2 million people. Imagine if you had that many people on your auto-responder? What would you do?

So if you have a list of 10,000 to 20,000 and a buddy in the industry calls you up and offers you a hot product with a 30% conversion rate and a payout of $50.00 per product for your help, what would you do? Imagine if he said that they were about to launch and all they wanted for you to make the team is your audio endorsement and a picture. Would you do it if you trusted the person? That imaginary scenario happens quite often with people who have big lists. Do the math. If you get a 30% conversion on the first pass of an offer by email, you’ll be quite happy.